Visual Identity of the exhibition “DIA-LOGOS Ramon Llull & the Ars Combinatoria”
at ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe. March 17 — August 5, 2018

Design of two timelines in the exhibition “Counter Investigations: Forensic Architecture”
at Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), London. March 7 — May 6, 2018

Design of the publication series “grund_schule kunst bildung”, band fünf: sprachen
Edited by Kirsten Winderlich, published by Athena Verlag, 2018.

Visual Identity for the event “Beside Besides” initiated by Zone Expérimentale, Basel, 2017.

Design of the exhibition catalogue “Avlagringar” of an event series at the Ecological Theater in Stockholm, 2015.
With and for Anna Asplind and Daniel AlmgrenRecén. Photography by André Wunstorf.

Design and Layout for “Zur Genealogie des MedienDenkens”
Edited by Daniel Irrgang & Florian Hadler, published by Kadmos Verlag, Berlin, 2017.

Design for “Gated Istanbul” by Ekkehart Keintzel, published for the corresponding exhibition at A Trans c/o Zweigstelle Berlin as part of the 6th European Month of Photography Berlin 2014.

Design of the series grund_schule kunst bildung, band zwei: material
Edited by Kirsten Winderlich, published by Athena Verlag, 2016.

Design for “Atlas of MediaThinking and MediaActing in Berlin”
Edited by Kristin Moellering and Leon Strauch in collaboration with Stefanie Rau
Published by UdK Berlin and transmediale festival 2016, Berlin.

Webdesign for the architect and photographer Ekkehart Keintzel, in collaboration with Martin Wecke, 2015. = the shared design practice of Marius Förster, Robert Preusse and Stefanie Rau, based in Berlin.

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